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The Residence Bintan by Cenizaro (5 star)


Spa & Wellness

Elevate your relaxation to the next level within the world of harmony and tranquility created by the renowned British spa brand ila. The spa’s eight private couple treatment rooms equipped with bathtubs, a serene reflexology room, and rooms dedicated to beauty rituals provide havens for pampering and rejuvenation, aided by the peaceful ambience and airy open views. 

Surrender to the soothing touch of our experienced therapists. Indulge in luxurious treatments inspired by natural indigenous spa therapies and ancient Ayurvedic treatments infused with contemporary techniques. Holistic wellness escapes and yoga programmes designed to relax, harmonise, energise and uplift round out Spa by ila’s blissful journeys to wellbeing. 


Opening Hours: 09.00am - 09.00pm

The Residence Bintan SPA Menu by ila


Harmony & Vitality


Experience the restorative benefits of ancient healing traditions and revolutionary beauty treatments.

Stillness Blessing (120 mins)
Experience a deep sense of stillness and focus that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world. Treatment combines a foot wash, chakra clearing frankincense smoke ritual, Tibetan singing bowls and a slow, deep scrub and firm massage with grounding vetiver, patchouli and jatamansi oils.


Alive (60 mins | 90 mins)
Energising. Detoxifying. Balancing. This revitalising full body massage helps release toxins, reduce fatigue and restore strength and harmony. Specialised massage techniques, marma therapy and hot poultices blend with energy-enhancing essential oils to leave mind, body and spirit sparkling with vitality.

Advanced Youth (90 mins)
This powerful facial treatment encompasses a blend of ingredients that have been proven to help heal and protect skin from the many natural signs of ageing. Three types of naturally occurring gold, rare frankincense and stem cells are delivered into the skin using cleansing & healing lymphatic massage techniques. ila’s unique BosTriWell® & hyaluronic extract combined with sonic wave therapy instantly increases collagen levels and reduces cell inflammation, leaving skin reprogrammed and rejuvenated.

Bath Butler
Indulge in an in-villa bath experience, choosing from five different bath rituals featuring ingredients designed to help you relax, wake up, sleep deeply, de-stress or instil a sense of deepest bliss.

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