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Escape the modernity of everyday life and journey back into time. A time when Kings and Queens ruled the islands of the Riau Kingdom stretching from what is now part of Indonesia, to Singapore and beyond to southern Malaysia.


Your journey skirts past the tallest mountain on the island- Gunung Bintan with verdant jungles on its slopes. You will soon arrive at a predominantly Chinese coastal village famous for its alleyways that crisscross over the sea.


Here your historical journey begins as you board a “water taxi” that will take you back in time to Penyengat Island. From here, the adventure continues in a Baechak (motorized trishaw) along ancient streets paved with history. The island and all its attractions are pending listing as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is the abode of the kings of the last phase of the Malay Kingdom. Here, the ruins of an old palace, the Royal Mosque and mausoleum are all adorn in hues of yellow and green. Here the rusting cannons that defended the locals against the Dutch invaders still caste their glances over the sea and the sounds of a bygone era still echo in the wind.

Tour Pricing:
Adult: S$ 85 per person
Child: S$ 75 per person

Daily departure tour
Pick up time: 09.30am
Pick up point: BBT terminal / Hotel
Minimum: 2 adults (Private Arrangement)

Tour Include:
Two-way land transfers
Fully guided tour

Boat ride to Penyengat Island
Bottled drinking water

Indonesian set lunch

For more information:
WhatsApp: +6597832528
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