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What to see in Bintan Island

Tanjung Pinang 
Tanjung Pinang is the main port town in Bintan island or Pulau Bintan, that can be accessed by Singapore via a 2 hours ferry ride. Tanjung Pinang has a busy harbour that is strategically located close to the Malacca Strait, which is one of the world's busiest sea routes. it can also links all the trader and passenger ships from all parts of Indonesia with Singapore. You can find houses with heritage architect and.houses built on stilts over the water. Not only that , numerous types of dried seafood and varieties of colorful crackers are sold here. 

Tanjung Uban 
Tanjung Uban is the second largest town at Bintan Island which is the district center, that has oil storage facility. It is located on the north western coast of Bintan Island.
Along the seaside there is a charming boardwalk called "Pelantar" with residence, accommodations and restaurants built above the sea. You can find a great variety of shops offering local art works and handicrafts there.

Senggarang is the name of a small village on the island of Bintan. Many locals believe that Senggarang was the first habitation for Chinese immigrants long time ago, who then spread throughout the other island of Riau.

there is an ancient temple that have over 200 years of history known as Banyan Tree temple in Senggarang. Bayan Tree Temple carries a rich historical story on how mysteriously the tree had formed into gigantic inspiring scenery. Other temples are not to be missed such as temple of Xuan Tian Shang-di, ruler of the North Pole Star, with its complex Chinese architechture.

Penyengat Island 
Penyengat Island which is 6 kilometers away from Tanjung Pinang, can be reached in 15 minutes by sampan boat. The seat of the powerful Bugis descended viceroys of Riau during the 18th century; Penyengat still bears the traces of its illustrious past, it is abandoned for almost 70 years,  and were recently resorted. Numerous of such historical sites as the oldest ruler's palace and royal tombs, among them, there is the grave of the respectable Sultan Haji, he is the author of the first Malay language grammar book which is one of the legacies left by the Riau sultanate. A newly built cultural center for stage performances of Malay music and dances can be found.

Trikora Beach / Pantai Trikora 
The most popular beach on the east coast is Trikora, where
 the locals also goes for an relaxing beach holidays. It can be quite inaccessible, as you can either take taxi or the occasional bus from Tanjung Pinang. Although the beach is isolated, but fret not,you can still find accommodation ranging from simple to more luxurious alternative. The sand is white and the water clean, a great place for relaxation after visiting Tanjung Pinang. We can also visit a fishing village nearby and a small ship building facility to have a look at traditional boat building. 

Sebung Village 
If you're a seafood lover then Sebung Village is a place you should not be missed when you visit Bintan. You can taste the freshness of Bintan seafoods in the Kelong style restaurant with a very reasonable price too.

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